Essex Bowen Clinic Upminster & Brentwood, beautiful, relaxing ground floor complimentary therapy clinic in Upminster . A waiting area is available for member of your family or a friend. Parking  available directly in front of clinic. Contact to book your treatment – Toni Creevy 07940017404.

Over the years my abilities as a therapist have been enriched by studying various Wellness, Healing & Massage Therapies.My journey led me to The Bowen Technique, discovering a Path to Lifelong Wellbeing. I am dedicated to helping people improve their well being and quality of life.

Bowen offers relief for many conditions, clients have visited me with a variety of issues, Back Pain, Muscular Pain, Fatigue & Fibromyalgia or Arm Pain. I also help with Mental Health, Stress, Anxiety, Grief & Headaches/ Migraines.

I love working with children & teens using Bowen to help with, Muscular Pains, Anxiety, Tics/ Tourettes, Headaches/ Migraines & Emotional Issues.  

What my clients say:

“Toni is a very gifted and dedicated Bowen therapist. She helped me with a shoulder and neck pain I had for a while and I strongly recommend her !

“I had no idea what to expect from the Bowen sessions but thought I would give it a go. After having tried different therapies for my frequent migraines and panic attacks, including acupuncture, CBT, etc., I have been hugely impressed by the Bowen approach and the way it tackles root causes and makes sustainable improvements. I have noticed the positive results physically and mentally after my first session with Toni, the stress levels have reduced and my physical wellbeing improved significantly. I cannot recommend Toni highly enough and wish I had discovered Bowen sooner. The treatment is very gentle and non-invasive and Toni is just like a ray of light, very warm and friendly with great insight and awareness, she is truly a professional! I always felt fully able to discuss any issues in full confidence with Toni. She takes great care to explore what is important for you and adapts her treatments to suit your needs. I did not need other therapies since Toni has treated me and feel that Bowen treats not only the immediate symptoms but the whole self.”


  • Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Wireless Internet
  • Works with Children
What Covid-19 procedures do you have to protect against transmission ?

You will be sent screening and consent form to be completed via email, which needs to be sent back to me before your appointment.

If you or someone you live with develops symptoms of Covid-19 by the time of the appointment, please call me as soon as possible and do not attend the clinic.

Payment needs to be made prior to your appointment via bank transfer.

Consultations may be carried out via a zoom video call or a phone call. 

All patients need to wear a surgical mask or cloth face covering to their appointment. If you do not have access to one or forget to bring one with you, I will have some available which can be purchased for £0.60 each. If you are unable to wear a mask for part of, the treatment due to health reasons such as severe asthma, please let me know before your appointment.

The couch cover, pillow cases, headrests will be  disposable and removed safely after every treatment.

I will no longer be providing towels for modesty or warmth at the clinics due to the risks involved with safely transporting large amounts of laundry. I would strongly recommend that you bring a clean towel that has been washed before the appointment.

A disinfected box will be available to store your clothes during treatment. 

I would recommend bringing a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

A packet of tissues can be purchased in case you should need them.

I will be wear the appropriate PPE. (medical mask, visor & gloves when required)

I would be grateful if you could arrive at the specified time and wait in your car until I come outside to greet you.

I will use an infra-red, no-contact thermometer to ensure you do not have a fever.

There will be a hand-sanitising station near the entrance including hand cream.

The bathroom facilities and treatment room will be cleaned and disinfected between patients.

While these conditions are not ideal, I am positive that we can make this work without compromising on the level of care that you receive, & remember its the same smiling face behind the mask! I look forward to meeting you.


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