Bowen for Animals

Bowen for Animals

Just like humans, animals can experience strains, sore muscles, discomfort and reduced movement.

Bowen is a myofascial technique, working over muscles and fascia to help release tightness and increase mobility. Animals appear to enjoy and be receptive to gentle touch therapies, such as the Bowen Technique.

In these pages you will find practitioners trained in:

EMRT™ – Equine Muscle Release Technique – developed and taught by Bowtech and based on the successful human Bowen Therapy. EMRT has an excellent track record in helping horses become happier and healthier, as well as improving mobility and reducing pain.

CCMRT™ – Cat/Canine Muscle Release Technique – adapted from EMRT by Bowtech for use on smaller animals, to help your pet overcome pain, assist with their mobility problems and a range of other issues.

CBT – Canine Bowen Technique – The Bowen Technique for dogs.
Practitioners study in depth anatomy and animal behaviour as well as wide-ranging health and mobility issues.

Your vet’s permission will be needed before your animal can receive Bowen​

The Bowen Technique does not replace veterinary treatment. It is ideal to use alongside veterinary care for many issues as it is non-manipulative and non-invasive.

Most vets are very happy to give permission for Bowen treatments, particularly for musculo-skeletal problems.

Practitioners do not diagnose problems and do not seek to address specific issues directly. As a holistic technique, Bowen aims to bring your animal back to a state which initiates its own healing processes.​

A Bowen Session

Consultations are generally 45-60 minutes, the first one may be longer. 

The actual duration of a Bowen session will be determined by your animal, who may choose to receive just a few moves during the consultation. 

Breaks are given frequently to give your animal time to process the moves and the length of these breaks are also determined by them. 

Observations of your animal’s responses and body language guide the practitioner as to how much work they wish to receive.

Responses during the treatment may include:
  • Quietening
  • Dozy eyes, ears focused on themselves
  • Slower breathing
  • Lifting, stretching limbs
  • Venous refill
  • Lymphatic drainage lines appearing
  • Coat colour changes


"After 1 treatment my horse’s movement was more fluid and stride was longer."


"I would recommend using CCMRT, it has completely changed her life."


"His diabetes is now in remission and he is currently off his medication!"

Where does the Bowen session happen?

For cats and dogs, practitioners will either come to you or ask you to bring your pet to them, depending on individual preferences. What is important is that your animal feels safe and comfortable to receive Bowen.


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