Why is Bowen Therapy Helpful?

Why is Bowen Therapy Helpful?

As we go about our day, muscles will shorten or lengthen continuously to support the activity we’re doing. Bad habits, or the strain of the activities we’re undertaking, repetitive or otherwise, may result in unbalanced levels of tension in our muscles, and this is when we can suffer from pain and fatigue.

Impacts & Patterns

Impacts to your body through playing sports or from accidents can cause micro-tears and scars in muscle fibres, as, for example, with whiplash.

Regular, or irregular, patterns of movement may cause your body to compensate, resulting in rotation or compression of your posture:

  • One-sided sports, such as tennis or golf, may create muscular imbalance.
  • Jobs which involve repeated rotation, flexing or squeezing of the hand, (plumbing, decorating and hairdressing for instance), may create tension through the wrist, arm and shoulder.
  • Regular screen use may result in sore, aching muscles in the upper back, neck and shoulders.
  • Issues during birth may affect you in later life.

Your body continually adjusts and compensates in order to keep functioning, which, over time, may lead to pain and reduced movement.

Many people use the Bowen Technique to help address these compensations, restoring balance and ease of movement.

The Importance of Fascia

In Bowen Therapy, as well as the muscles, we work on the fascia. Fascia is an important, highly mobile, connective tissue, which runs throughout your body. It is via the fascia that we often address levels of tension and discomfort.

We purposefully move the fascia in a particular way to stimulate or relax muscle fibres in order to achieve:

  • Improved posture and flexibility
  • Pain relief
  • Improved mobility

Clients also tell us that they feel less stressed following a treatment, having taken time out of busy schedules to address their issues.


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