I qualified in 2018 and work from home, close to Basingstoke town centre.

I work with adults with a wide variety of conditions, predominantly repetitive strain injury, indigestion, back pain, neck & shoulder issues, and plantar fasciitis.

I came to Bowen after being treated for Sciatica, it was the only treatment that provided lasting relief.

During the first lockdown in 2020 I started working remotely to support my clients and was pleasantly impressed with how well it worked. I have continued to work remotely for many clients both locally and nationally. It is especially beneficial for those with chronic and painful conditions.


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How much is a session?

For hands-on sessions:

£45 or £155 for 4 sessions if purchased in advance.

For remote sessions:

Session 1 - £15

Session 2 - £25

Subsequent sessions - £35

The first two sessions are less to encourage you to give it a try!


So, what is Remote Bowen?

Remote Bowen is just the same as hands-on Bowen except I will be working in the treatment room and the client will be relaxing at home (or anywhere!).

Let me explain... at a pre-arranged time I would call the client and discuss any issues. I would then physically perform the appropriate Bowen moves (normally on a pillow and some towels arranged in the shape of a body) whilst keeping the client in mind throughout. During this time, the client should be comfortable and without distraction.  Afterwards I call or text the client to mark the completion of the session.

This method is suitable for everybody, but particularly useful for those who:

  • are house-bound
  • are in pain
  • have mobility issues
  • have anxiety
  • live remotely

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to book for a session.

Are you currently offering appointments?

Yes. I am currently working hands-on, and remotely.

For hands-on sessions hand sanitiser is provided, and I will be wearing a face mask.

Please bring your own mask ~ thank you.

Government and governing body guidelines will be adhered to in regard to cleaning the treatment room.

Do you have parking?

We live in a residents only parking area, but Sarum Hill public car park is less than a minute's walk from the treatment room.

Are there toilet facilities?

There are no toilet facilities in the treatment room in the garden, but you would be welcome to use the bathroom in the house if need be. However, access is via steps in the garden, and stairs in the house.

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