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When you have somewhere that feels stiff or hurts, or you have symptoms which you are struggling to manage, it can not only be annoying, it can feel like parts of your life are being put on hold.. unable to do certain things or sometimes even unable to rest in comfort. Things like this can make us feel down – like we are no longer in control of our body or free to make the choices we wish we could make.

I understand, and I’d like you to know that many people are surprised to find out that their body and their symptoms can feel better much more easily and quickly than they previously thought, once they’ve had a few sessions of Bowen therapy.

If you feel as though something needs to be done about your ache, stiffness, pain, or general wellbeing before it gets worse.. or you know in your heart that more can be done, then I’m here to try and help you achieve this.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I am incredibly passionate about helping people like you with this oftentimes “amazing” therapy.

I have a welcoming treatment room on the ground floor in my home where you can relax knowing I will do everything I can for you in the fewest number of sessions possible.

Many of my clients have also experienced how “wonderful” the distance sessions are at relieving or eradicating their pain or problem. So, no matter where you live, I am able to help you.

I have been qualified as a Bowen Practitioner since 2005 and have completed the Advanced/Specialised Procedures certifications. Various other training and qualifications – in areas such as posture rehabilitation and fitness – also help me provide an overall solution or plan for you.

Please feel free to contact me to either discuss your issues first or to book an appointment. 

I look forward to trying to help you.

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