Geoscience Degree (Ist), BTAA, BAUK

A Graduate geoscientist and former M&A Manager, I qualified as a Bowen therapist in 2010, one year before taking early retirement. Having discovered the incredible effectiveness of Bowen therapy for my chronic lower back pain, I decided to become a Bowen therapist to help other people suffering from similar problems, or people affected by other conditions that Bowen therapy is capable of addressing. My enthusiasm and commitment to Bowen therapy spurred me to quickly progress to higher proficiency levels and completing the two advanced Bowen training courses SBP1 and SBP2 which I had the opportunity to take with Ossie and Elaine Rentsch. I attend postgraduate Bowen courses on a yearly basis to continue to improve my knowledge and skills, and ensuring that my technique remains accurate and effective. Below are few testimonials that I received from my clients:

“Marco and his healing Bowen hands made a real difference to my weak knee and I noticed the difference almost immediately. He also treated my young daughters for asthma and they have hardly used their inhalers since. He was so kind and gentle that I would happily recommend him and this non-invasive but extremely effective treatment.”

“My feet have been fine I have some tingling but nothing like it used to be and does not keep me awake a night anymore.  Also on a plus side my hot flushes seemed to have disappeared. Now I don’t know if this next bit is Bowen, me or both but I have lost nearly a stone in weight. All positives. I just wanted to say you have changed my life and I am so grateful and hope that I can have top-ups every so often as I don’t want to go back to how I was.” 
“I went to Marco for treatment for very stiff shoulders, I could not raise my arms above my head. I started to improve after the first treatment and after the fourth treatment not only were my shoulders completely free but I found that my whole posture had improved, sitting at my desk didn’t make my back ache and I had much more energy.” Graham.
I was suffering with a recurring bad neck/back. I had tried massage, physiotherapy, chiropractor, everything! Then I met Marco, and he introduced me to Bowen. After 3 basic treatments there was a massive improvement, two more intricate sessions thereafter and, well I’m completely fixed. A year later and my problems still haven’t returned. Bowen is a pain free, and relaxing way of getting your body back in tune, it makes you feel fantastic, everybody should know about this and be having treatments! Thank you so much Marco!
“I still cannot believe how successful the Bowen treatment has been for me.  I was not disappointed. Within weeks my knees were better, along with other minor problems, such as neck and shoulder pain/stiffness.  I recommend Marco and Bowen therapy to friends whenever possible because I know it works.”
I first visited Marco, not having received Bowen before, with no preconceived ideas of what to expect, other than it be very light and non-invasive.  I was most pleasantly surprised at how keen my body was to respond to the very gentle treatment, releasing tension and energy that had been previously ‘locked in’, and allowing my body to rebalance over the ensuing days.  As a therapist and healer myself, I know how important it is to work with someone who can be attuned to the needs of the client in order to be as effective as possible.  I feel Marco definitely has that ability and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wishes to improve the relationship with their own body.”

Post Graduate Bowen Courses:

  • Practitioner Course
  • Specialised Bowen Procedures 1
  • Specialised Bowen Procedures 2
  • Mind-Body Bowen
  • Postural Assessment
  • Smart Bowen

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