Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

A summary of Robyn Wood’s presentation at the Bowtech Conference 2000

The main symptom of Chronic Fatigue is profound exhaustion, both mental and physical, which is exacerbated by exercise.

A wide range of other symptoms tend to make accurate assessment of the condition difficult.

People with Chronic Fatigue have stressed immune systems and an overloaded central nervous system.

Common Factors of people with Chronic Fatigue
  1. There will usually have been a trigger, such as a virus infection, shock, bereavement, accident.
  2. The person is usually in need of rest after a hectic work or social schedule.
  3. They often have low self esteem.
  4. Their reaction to ‘everyday’ stress seems out of proportion, because they are not in a resourced state.
  5. Muscles are sore and weak.
  6. They get recurrent infections or low grade fevers; lymph nodes are tender. Look out for a reaction to 8a and 8b in the upper back or move 2 in Pelvic when you get to this.
  7. Relapses are common, doing too much when starting to feel better, without giving the body time to store energy and build resilience.
Other symptoms can include:
  1. Brain symptoms include hypersensitivity to sound, poor concentration and poor short term memory.
  2. Sudden mood changes and new allergies can also happen, as well as headaches and migraines.
  3. They can have bizarre nightmares
  4. Autonomic nervous system irregularities may include palpitations of the heart, profuse sweating, changed bladder patterns, poor circulation and attacks of low blood sugar.
  5. Even the softest clothing can ‘hurt’ them, usually an indicator CF has developed into Fibromyalgia, which is an advanced stage of imbalance in the body.


Remember – “Less is More” – they are overloaded already, go slowly especially if diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

The first aim is to give the client some confidence and some relief – then you can work out an individual programme to support your Bowen work.
This will invariably include dietary changes, lifestyle changes to encourage self-nurturing, perhaps coaching/counselling, maybe herbal and mineral supplements.

I often noticed that any form of unresolved anger will prevent long term results. Clients may need to “bash a pillow” or write it all down and burn it in order to release it.

As with any treatment there are those who need the problem that they have, to work through for their own learning.
Bear in mind there will always be a percentage who need the power of the problem, or the attention of it.

WEEK 1: 

Basic Relaxation Moves – but be mindful of how much they can take. Encourage them to increase their water intake if it is low.

List negative and positive aspects since treatment.
BRM’s plus some lymphatic cleansing such as Respiratory, (good for grief and anger), OR Pelvic OR Knee. Less is More.
The knee not only assists the Bladder but it is THE MOVE to take people forward if they are in a stuck state psychologically. (Helping your client understand their emotional/psychological issues may be manifesting physically can be hugely releasing for them.)
I also ask for a commitment at this stage. Diet, Lifestyle, Cola intake, and recognition of any emerging patterns which promote negatives. We work together to find the essence of the problem in order to maximise the soft tissue relief which Bowen can give them.

Basics plus one or maybe two of the following: Pelvic, Knee, Hamstrings (hold anger) Shoulder, Respiratory (Liver/Gallbladder hold anger), Upper Respiratory and TMJ. Alternating the Coccyx and Respiratory works well.

Week three is when I expect them to start releasing two important things – negative thoughts and undisclosed anger . They are likely feeling quite a lot better and Bowen is turning on those energy flows.
IT IS TIME TO STOP FEELING LIKE A VICTIM. Encourage them to write all the stuff down, shred it and burn it!! This is a very empowering thing to do.

WEEK 4-9:
Weekly visits continue for about six weeks, alternating with procedures suggested in Week 3, then I spread the treatments on an as needs basis, always with the knowledge that they may came back earlier if required for more treatment.

Please consult a Naturopath for advice about Liver function and Bowel cleansing and a Nutritionist for dietary changes if needed.

THOUGHT – How many Tibetan Monks have Chronic Fatigue? Do we need to stop and smell a few more roses?

ROBYN WOOD – Bowtech Instructor – Bowen Hands September 2000


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