Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Low Energy Testimonials

Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Low Energy Testimonials


“When my husband died I lost all my energy, wasn’t sleeping properly, developed aches, pains in my knee and my brain went on an extended walk about. This was all very frustrating as I’d always been a capable, logical person who could deal with most things.

Thankfully, after a course of Bowen Treatments, I’m feeling so much better; I have more energy, the pain in my knee has gone, yippee. I feel I walk taller and usually have to adjust my driving mirror after a treatment. I sleep soundly most nights and best of all, my brain has lost its fuzziness, I can concentrate more so I’m able to cope with life’s ups and downs as I used to. I am now able to focus on the future.”

M Muirhead Practitioner: Loraine Ireland Colmworth, Bedford
Panic Attack

“I believed I was managing working in a very stressful situation until my body told me it had enough! I suffered what I thought at the time was a heart attack, while in the office. I had chest pains, that were so strong I couldn’t move and intense pain in my left arm, making it impossible to move my arm, without support and had difficulty carrying or picking up anything.

Hospital checks showed that my heart was fine. My GP advised that the probable cause of my symptoms was stress and prescribed drugs which would help me to gradually relax. He warned me I may become ‘hooked’ on them. This didn’t sound a great solution to me. I agreed with my GP that I would look at other options before taking the drugs.

Bowen Therapy was suggested to me by a close family member. At the end of the first treatment, I already felt I’d improved. I was tired and the next day I did feel as though I’d been ‘hit by a bus’, as my whole body ached but importantly I also felt that a huge weight had been lifted. This proved to me that the treatment was working and having a positive impact.

At each session, my whole body improved. I have benefitted by becoming stronger in mind, as well as physically relieving the pain I was suffering.

I’m so pleased that I received the Bowen Therapy to help me and did not take the drugs that are normally prescribed for those suffering from stress. Because of the positive impact that my GP has seen in me, she is interested in Bowen Therapy as a possible support for other patients.

I would strongly recommend to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety, particularly if they are displaying physical symptoms from the tension, to include Bowen Therapy as part of their programme to help them to return to health.”

Stress, High Blood Pressure

“I went to see my Doctor as I was feeling very unwell, terrible headaches, stressed and anxious. On taking my blood pressure it was found to be excessively high. I was given BP tablets but they did not bring my blood pressure down. I was going on holiday in just over a week and the Doctor suggested that I cancelled my holiday as she felt it was not safe to fly. Having had some Bowen treatment the year before I made another appointment. During the session I could feel energy changes in my body. Within two days I felt like a completely different person. My blood pressure was just about normal, my headaches and anxiety had gone and I was able to enjoy my holiday.”

I. Twigg
Practitioner: Camelia Pop, Manchester

Chronic Fatigue/M.E.

“I started having Bowen therapy because of an agonising neck problem. It is no overstatement when I say Bowen therapy has completely transformed my life.

After only three visits my neck problem had completely gone! I was amazed because I had been in so much pain for so long. After a few more treatments Bowen seemed to be having a very positive effect on my Chronic Fatigue/M.E symptoms that I had lived with since I was 16 years old. I managed this well by looking after myself well but every now and then I would have flare ups where I would be so tired I could hardly walk up the stairs. I couldn’t keep up with my friends who were all leading very active lives and doing anything fun and active would leave me exhausted for days afterwards. It was miserable!

But this is not the case anymore! I now am able to work five days a week in a very busy job, exercise four days a week, and swim in the sea at any chance I get.

I cannot recommend Bowen therapy enough. I never EVER thought that I would be able to be this active and pain free and still have bundles of energy. So when I say Bowen therapy has changed my life, I absolutely mean it! I have recommended it to so many other people with aches and pains and chronic fatigue and they report fantastic results too. If Bowen therapy was prescribed by the NHS there would be so many less people on antidepressants and painkillers!”

J. French
Practitioner: Philip Steward, Devon


“I have had fibromyalgia for about a year and despite being given painkillers by the doctor, every day was a struggle. Most days I didn’t want to get out of bed, found it impossible to get in or out of the bath, couldn’t kneel or bend and even lifting a kettle of water was very painful. Sitting still was also a problem as I had to ‘unfold’ my body and try to stretch myself after every thirty minutes of sitting; long journeys were impossible. I had no energy and found most days I just didn’t want to bother with socialising or more importantly keeping up with my love of walking and the countryside.
I started with a three-session course of Bowen. After the first visit I felt awful for the first two days and then I had a remarkable reduction in my pain level and most importantly an energy surge. After three sessions I was so much better that I was able to go walking and looked forward to sitting in the cinema for the duration of a film. I had another session after four weeks and since then I have been free of pain, able to walk 13 kilometres in the mountains of Madeira, spent time gardening and have the energy to keep going all day rather than having to sleep in the afternoon, all without the help of any painkillers.”

M. Bennett Practitioner: Christine Douglass, Christchurch

“I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 6-7 years. I think what caused this was a lot of illnesses, colds, flu, stomach issues, having gone through a lot of deaths in a short space of time. Fibro has affected my life big time. I had to give up work and struggled with the simplest tasks. The pain was unbearable. I struggled to walk, put washing on the line, dry my hair.

I have had roughly 10 Bowen sessions. I would give Bowen a score of 9/10. The changes have been amazing and sometimes hard to take in as I never thought any treatment would have such a profound effect. I no longer suffer with severe hip pain, shoulder pain or feet pain. Before treatment the pain was unbearable especially in my hip to the point I was unable to walk a great distance as the pain was so intense it left me unable to walk many times.

The improvements have lasted for a few months now and if I do get any pain it’s very mild in comparison to what it was before.
Also having treatment on a regular basis is the key too, if I don’t have treatment regularly I start to notice the difference.
Just having the treatment is relaxing in itself which helps with the pain. Bowen has helped me in a big way. It is gentle so doesn’t hurt when touched. I find all the moves are gentle but effective. All of the treatment has been very helpful for my mind and body that it can be hard to explain.

I would recommend Bowen to other sufferers of Fibro or any other conditions.”

M. Stevens Practitioner: Stephen Ludbrook, Witney

“I have polymyalgia which had left me in constant pain and discomfort even with medication particularly my lower back. I had heard Bowen therapy could help so went for some Bowen. After the first session I noticed great improvement, 2 more sessions later I was pain free except for a problem with my shoulder which was sorted with another therapy. I was also able to return to work after a long lay off.”

B. Mycock
Practitioner: Anthony Sircar, Buxton

Arthritis / Bulging Discs

”I have arthritis, peripheral neuropathy and bulging discs in my lower back and have been in constant pain for about 4 years. My doctor kept upping the pain killing medication until I could hardly function and had to be referred to a pain specialist who helped me to get down to a safer level of medication, but the pain was almost unbearable at times. I returned to my GP who said that I’d have to learn to live with it, but he was happy for me to seek alternative help.  After the first session of Bowen therapy my pain was noticeably reduced and I was a lot more mobile.  Now after 3 sessions and dietary advice I am better than I could have imagined.  I would recommend Bowen to everyone.”

R Hurst
Practitioner:  Anthony Sircar, Buxton


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