Sports Injuries & Performance

Sports Injuries & Performance


“I suffered from numbness and pain in my toes, which became intense when walking after a short period of time, which inhibited my golf. As a result I commenced a course of Bowen Technique sessions. I shared the fact that I experienced regular headaches and pain in my neck from a car accident I had some years previously.

The experience was quite extraordinary as were the results. During and after the first session, I experienced an intense feeling of general well-being, which remained. After the second session, the reduction in discomfort in my toes was significant. As the pain in my feet reduced, the sessions focussed on the neck pains and headaches. Again, the improvement was marked. Clearly this was a great relief for me, but what I hadn’t expected was the sense of well-being that kept building up plus the power of positive thought that built within me. Positive thought is obviously a key factor in playing good golf.

All around I would say the Bowen Therapy would be of benefit to golfers and any sportsman with physical ailments.”

J. Catterall Practitioner: Fiona Webb, Andover

“Bowen sorted my Tennis Elbow in just a few weeks. I can never thank you enough!”

Anon. Professional UK Tennis Player
Practitioner: Karen Jackson, Bournemouth


“After a few Bowen sessions my paddle strokes are now a lot more consistent and I am aware of the power being delivered from the paddle blade to the boat more efficiently. Stability and confidence has improved. My paddling has changed dramatically. The stroke is so much more natural. I can’t believe how much movement I can achieve, especially trunk rotation. I can get the paddle in at a far more efficient angle, more perpendicular to the water surface. It all feels so smooth.
There is no denying the advantage I got from the Bowen work. I saw a huge improvement in technique over a three week period and really benefited from the increased efficiency in the boat.”

N. Adnitt Practitioner: Fiona Webb, Andover


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