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The way you can renew your membership has been streamlined to make things easier for you.

You can still renew your membership online or by post. 

All you need to do to renew is to complete the form below, and click Submit.  Alternatively you may print off the form using this printable PDF form, complete it by hand, and mail it to us if you prefer.

You no longer need to send us your CPD, Insurance, First Aid etc at renewal – we will random check these details with you personally, during the year. 

Make your payment via online banking – or mail us your cheque – the information you need to do so is below the form.  Whichever payment system you choose, please remember to use your membership number and name as your reference.



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    Have you ever been under investigation or convicted of a criminal offence? (if yes, you will be asked to supply details)

    Have you ever been involved in civil proceedings relating to your professional practice (Bowen or any other) (if yes you will be asked to supply details)

    Have you ever been subject to any disciplinary proceedings and/or findings against you by any other organisation? (if yes, you will be asked to supply details).


    I will abide by the Data Protection Act 2018 and the government’s Track and Trace programme and will make my clients aware of this.

    I confirm that the information I have given is correct and that I observe the Bowen Association UK Code of Conduct.


    Full Membership
    Working Bowen Practitioner, passed both Module 7 and A&P Examinations, with Insurance, a current First Aid certificate and 16 hours CPD evidence (or 32 hours over 2 years).  Your details will appear in the public listing.

    Associate Membership
    Non-working Bowen Practitioner, passed Module 7, studying A&P/awaiting First Aid course/CPD completion.  Your details will NOT appear in the public listings.

    Student Membership – FREE
    Studying Modules 1-7, plus perhaps A&P and First Aid to progress to Full Member status.  You are required to become a student member at Module 2.

    Retired Membership
    Previous BAUK Member, now retired.

    Overseas Membership
    As above, plus if a Full Member your Professional Liability Insurance must permit you to practice in your country of residence.

    Honorary Free Life Membership
    Offered at the sole discretion of the BAUK Executive Committee to individuals whose exceptional contribution to Bowen warrants recognition.  If you are still practising and, therefore, a Full Member of BAUK, you still need to comply with insurance and CPD requirements.


    Please register if you are purchasing one of the BAUK memberships for the first time. Thereafter you can login directly.

    Account details will be confirmed via email.

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