Neck & Shoulder Restrictions

Neck & Shoulder Restrictions

Referred Back Pain Stemming from Neck

“I have suffered 20 years of escalating and debilitating pelvis and back problems and have seen more than 20 ‘professionals’ including several physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, pain specialists and doctors. No one has ever got to the bottom of my issues and I have continued to suffer and lead an increasingly restricted life. I had a daily battle with pain.
After seeing a Bowen practitioner it was found that the issue is actually with my neck and the referred pain and issues all stemmed from this – basically very tight muscles and tension around my neck/shoulders/head… ..and amazingly, lo and behold, 4 months on my life is transformed! I am more consistently comfortable than not, I have been able to start regularly going swimming – something I have been unable to do for so long. I am generally able to function so much more comfortably at home and at work. So I am now very optimistic that things will continue to improve as my body learns to relax, to stay aligned correctly and everything strengthens up.”

L. Lowdell Practitioner: Loraine Ireland, Colmworth, Bedford
Frozen Shoulder

“Bowen is an amazing treatment! I have had no problem at all with my shoulder which had been frozen for at least 6 months. I would recommend it to anyone and keep telling my friends how good it is.”

M. Orton Practitioner: Julie Dexter, Derby
Frozen Shoulder

“My frozen shoulder began 10 months ago with tingling feelings in my left arm, followed by pain when I lifted my arm above shoulder height. Simple things, such as doing up a bra or taking off a top, were agony. After the first treatment I could move my arm further above my head than before. I was given some daily exercises to do and within the next few days, I started to notice I could lift my arm above my head without any pain. My neck also felt looser. After the second session I could raise my arm up fully and no longer had shooting pains down my arm.”

H. Hamilton Practitioner: Diana Menzies-Smith, Weybridge/Cobham
Shoulder and Hip/Lower Back Pain

“I received 3 Bowen sessions to treat shoulder/neck pain, hip/lower back pain. My shoulder pain is 95% gone. I had been pain free after the first treatment but I overused the shoulder resulting in an increase of pain. After 2 further treatments, the pain is almost completely gone and I’m only feeling a very slight awareness of it. The associated neck pain and headaches have gone completely. Hip pain is something that increases during my cycle and sessions 2 and 3 fell at the time when it’s usually at its peak. I’ve been completely pain free since and even activities that usually exacerbate it such as walking and climbing have been done without any pain or aching whatsoever. Have had no lower back pain at all since treatment.”

H. Allen
Practitioner: Anthony Sircar, Buxton

Shoulder Pain

“A friend recommended the Bowen Technique to me. I was having intermittent pain in my right shoulder and had been told by my doctor and subsequent ultrasound scan that my tendons were inflamed and I had some calcification in the joint. I had 4 Bowen treatments each about a week apart and really felt the benefits. The pain in my shoulder definitely subsided and I also felt an improvement in my lower back which had bothered me on and off too. I am intending to continue with a monthly treatment to maintain the benefits I have felt with the Bowen Technique.”

J. Arnott Practitioner: Loraine Ireland, Colmworth, Bedford

“Early in 2018 I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my ring finger and pinky on my left arm. I sought medical advice and was sent to an orthopaedist. After testing I was told I had ulnar nerve entrapment. Mine was compressed behind the inside part of the elbow. I was told the compression was serious and could start to cause muscle wastage and the best treatment would be surgery. I felt that I needed to look for other alternatives before going down that road. I started doing a series of exercises and also using bracing at night but with very little success. At the beginning of July I had the opportunity to have some Bowen Therapy. By the end of the first day after treatment I had no tingling or numbness in my ring finger and the next day both my ring finger and pinky had full feeling. Surgery will not be an option for me at all now. If it reoccurs I will seek more Bowen Therapy.”

Leanne G, Greece Practitioner: Ros Elliott-Özlek, Turkey


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