Knees, Feet & Ankle Issues Testimonials

Knees, Feet & Ankle Issues Testimonials​

Knee Pain

“I wish I had known about the Bowen Treatment years ago. Yesterday during the treatment I became aware of no pain in my right knee, it was such a wonderful feeling. If it stays I will just be in heaven. It’s been years since my right knee has been completely pain free.


Last night I had the best night’s sleep for years too and woke up this morning feeling refreshed and like a new person, I honestly can say it has been such a long time since I have felt this good. Also this morning my left knee and both feet are much better, I hope it lasts. I can’t wait for my next Bowen treatment.”

G. Gallagher Practitioner: Diana Menzies-Smith, Weybridge/Cobham
Restless Legs

“I was experiencing the creeping feelings in my thighs, arms (my elbows being quite painful) and groin which woke me three or four times during the night and only subsided once I’d got up out of bed and moved around. Intermittently my legs would also become very uncomfortable when settling down for the night, the only way I could relieve them was to constantly move my legs and twirl my feet for an hour or so before the feelings subsided.
A friend recommended I see a local Bowen practitioner. During the treatment I could feel myself becoming very relaxed, peaceful and calm, after the session finished I was advised I could go into a detox state and feel sore, emotional, possibly have a headache and feel very tired. I drank plenty of fluids to help flush the toxins out.
The next day I realised the pain in my elbows had disappeared and has not returned since! Not bad for someone who hated putting the car into reverse because it was so painful. Over the next 6 weeks the therapy sessions have resulted in my sleep, mood and energy levels improving, the creeping feelings have completely disappeared in my arms and groin and legs!

I highly recommend checking out a Bowen therapy session if you’re suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome.”

J. White
Practitioner: Anthony Sircar, Buxton

Hip/Knee Issues

“I started having Bowen Therapy to help with my arthritis and problems with my back after hip surgery. The Bowen Therapy has helped me a great deal, easing pain and the issues in my back. Another hip replacement gave me problems with my knee, causing pain and inflammation, restricting its movement. Bowen has made a very significant difference and my knee is nearly back to normal. I find that the Bowen therapy has helped me to continue to have an active life with less pain and more mobility.”

A. Riley Practitioner: S. Strickland, Caversham
Plantar Fasciitis

“After my first Bowen treatment I slept through the night for the first time in years and it seemed to lift a brain fog that I didn’t realise I had. My clicking jaw was also better, as was my plantar fasciitis, so from not being able to go for walks due to the pain, I am back to walking half an hour most days.”

S. Singh Practitioner: Kim Pearson, Cambridge
Knee Issues, Posture

“I fractured my femur in 2014 requiring screws to repair it. The screws had to be removed as they were hindering the knee movement . I thought this would cure the problem but it just created a new set of movement issues. I had Bowen therapy previously for shoulder injury and that worked so I thought it might work again. I had many posture irregularities which was probably due to limping for 2 years. Over the past few months the Bowen sessions have corrected most of these issues and I’m delighted to report that I no longer limp or have a painful, unpredictable knee.
I would encourage anyone who wants to live in a comfortable body to give Bowen Therapy a try.”

T. Buchan Practitioner: Natalie Lang, Norfolk
Ankle and Knee

“I have been suffering with pain in my ankle and knee for a long time and underwent a few different treatments. I had never been given a clear explanation of what might be causing my problems. After one visit for Bowen I felt I understood what the problem was and felt confident it could be fixed. I had two more Bowen sessions and by the end of it I felt a lot better with my injuries almost completely cleared up!
The treatment was both effective and very relaxing. I am now able to take part in sports without the old aches and pains after!”

W. Gemmel
Practitioner: Anthony Sircar, Buxton

Achilles Tendon

“After an ongoing Achilles problem failed to respond to conventional medicine, I was convinced to give Bowen a try. At first, I didn’t believe such gentle movements would have any effect on my legs. I did feel, however, for the first time in my life, that I was allowed to relax, a very strange feeling for me!” But I still didn’t see how it would help.
“Well after 2 days I was astonished when I noticed that I wasn’t walking with a limp and the pain had seriously reduced – I wasn’t expecting that! I have since had Bowen on my shoulders and neck – I’m a drummer in a band so my shoulders are under stress. After each Bowen session I feel so much more relaxed, flexible and stress free. It’s something you have to try for yourself to truly understand and experience what Bowen could actually do for you.”

M. Morley
Practitioner: Amanda Cusack, Reigate


“I was booked in for an ankle operation, until I enjoyed 2 x Bowen Therapies – I cancelled the operation!”

M. Tingris, Cyprus
Practitioner: Karen Jackson, Bournemouth


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