Back Pain Testimonials

Back Pain Testimonials

Low Back Pain

“When I was 15 I had a PE accident and since then I was in constant pain in my low back and right leg. Over the years I’ve been visiting many “traditional” physiotherapy centres, suffering the pain of the treatment, paying a lot of money … but to little avail. I was told about the Bowen Technique therapy by a friend. After the 2nd session, the pain started to ease, and now after the 4th session I’m almost pain free. It is a gentle therapy, very relaxing and very effective. I had no side effects. I would recommend it to anyone – don’t suffer anymore, try it! “

M Muirhead
Practitioner: Loraine Ireland Colmworth, Bedford

Spinal Stenosis

“I have been a long term Spinal Stenosis sufferer in constant pain, having to rely on Pain Management and Spinal Epidurals. My consultant suggested I give Bowen Therapy a try, something I hadn’t heard of. By the fourth Bowen session I was pain free, and by my 8th appointment I was able to stop taking my medication. I am now medication free and can get out of bed in the mornings with ease. This has only been possible thanks to the Bowen Technique.”

M Mahoney Practitioner: Natalie Lang, Norfolk
Prolapsed Disc

“I suffered a prolapsed disc, with intense pain down my left leg.  After 1 session of Bowen Therapy, my 8 months of pain went, I could dress myself OK, drive, everything!   You can feel tingling in the area days after the therapy! The best part is that I was scheduled for surgery and it got cancelled! Surgery on your spine, I don’t think so.”

A Clappas, Cyprus
Practitioner: Karen Jackson, Bournemouth


 “Having suffered from sciatica for six months and trying other treatments without success, I decided to try the Bowen Technique.  After just 2 treatments, my pain has gone.  The treatment is very gentle and relaxing so it is hard to believe it will make any difference, but it was totally effective.  I highly recommend the Bowen Technique.”

D Leatherby Practitioner: Jan Morris, Purley

“I had had pain for over 2 months with Sciatica but after two Bowen sessions my Sciatica was gone!  Such a relief after months of pain.”

C. Raso
Practitioner: Karen Jackson,  Bournemouth

Sciatica (and Interstitial Cystitis)

“I had been suffering with sciatica for a number of months, at my first sessions I explained that I also suffer with interstitial cystitis which has been ongoing for a number of years and has had a real impact on my life. I am amazed that after a few sessions my sciatica has disappeared and my interstitial cystitis is so much better. l definitely recommend Bowen Therapy.”

M Glover Practitioner: Loraine Ireland, Colmworth, Bedford
Nerve Pain

“For some time I have suffered from leg pains due to degenerative changes on my L4/5 discs which are impinging on my nerve roots. Not only could I not get into bed because of the pain, I was also unable to get in and out of the bath properly. I was also on painkillers 3 times a day plus 1 tablet at night. Thanks to the Bowen Technique, I am now able to sleep in my bed once more, get in and out of the bath, and pain killers are now a thing of the past.”

A Brighty Practitioner:  Natalie Lang, Norfolk
Arthritis / Bulging Discs

”I have arthritis, peripheral neuropathy and bulging discs in my lower back and have been in constant pain for about 4 years. My doctor kept upping the pain killing medication until I could hardly function and had to be referred to a pain specialist who helped me to get down to a safer level of medication, but the pain was almost unbearable at times. I returned to my GP who said that I’d have to learn to live with it, but he was happy for me to seek alternative help.  After the first session of Bowen therapy my pain was noticeably reduced and I was a lot more mobile.  Now after 3 sessions and dietary advice I am better than I could have imagined.  I would recommend Bowen to everyone.”

R Hurst
Practitioner: Anthony Sircar, Buxton


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