Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment
Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment
Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment
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Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment

Welcome to the Bowen Association UK - the original and foremost professional association for practitioners of the Bowen Technique.

We are delighted to award all students of Bowtech FREE membership of the Bowen Association UK during the course of your studies.

This part of our website is dedicated to you. We'll be sending you Bowen News magazines whilst you are a student – and if you would like to speak to any of the Executive or the Office on what it's like to be a Bowen Practitioner or any other issue about working with Bowen, then please do contact us.

Your Bowtech trainer will provide you with the information and paperwork you need to become an Associate or Full member of the Bowen Association UK. You will also find PDF copies of membership forms at the end of this page.

Benefits of Membership - Just see below!

Annual General Meeting - AGMs sound really boring don't they? We can guarantee ours' isn't. Held every year in a different venue (in recent years we've been to Notts. Forest FC and the SS Great Britain – so you get the picture!), the AGM is low on rhetoric and high on interesting things to enjoy. The first half of the morning is the meeting itself, elections and reports of the year past etc, the rest of the day is a range of interesting speakers – from the serious, such as the eminent cardiologist who joined us last year, to the more light hearted towards the end of the day when we often invite other speakers to come along to enlighten and entertain.

And to top off a wonderful day when you get the chance to meet lots of other practitioners, network and make new friends, you get 8 CPDs for attending.

We love to meet students at our summer AGM and Seminars – and now you're a member, it's your opportunity too.

Bowen News Magazine - We have a great magazine that goes out to all our members free of charge. There's a 'Students Corner' in it which we hope you'll join in with and send us your contributions. You can contact the editor Dave Riches at

Insurance - You must have insurance cover during your studies. Part of your course requires you to complete 10 case studies, and you will need to work on members of the public to complete these – even if they are members of your own family, they are still members of the public! The Bowen Association UK has negotiated a special discounted rate for our students of £35 p.a. Follow the link below to Holistic Insurance for details.

Facebook and Twitter - We have a presence on both - why not take a look.

Members' Area - When you join us as a Full Member of the Bowen Association UK you will have access to the Members' Area of the site, which is loaded with useful and interesting items to help you in your practice. You can also order merchandise such as advertising leaflets, personalised advertising artwork, banners etc from here.

Counselling - we're always ready to listen and help you where we can. If you would like to chat to someone at any time, contact the Bowen Association HQ Office in the first instance – 01205 319100, or email

CPD - When you become a full member of the Bowen Association UK you will be required to undertake 16 hours CPDs annually. That's 16 hours of Continuing Professional Development. There's a range of courses you can take to achieve this – we'll explain in more detail when you join us. But the point is to keep you fresh in the technique, up to date with latest developments and constantly learning something new. It's also part of the guarantee we give to the general public when we recommend you or your practice.

Constitution - The Constitution is an important document and useful to refer to. It contains all the information about how the Association operates on an administrative and legal level. Please take time to read it and keep a copy.

Constitution (PDF file)

Code of Conduct - This is part of our Constitution which gives you the practitioner the information you need to practice safely and professionally. We do ask you to observe the Code of Conduct as part of your membership requirement.

Code of Conduct (PDF file)

How do I join the Association when I've finished being a student?

During your training course your tutor will provide you with the application form ready to upgrade your Bowen Association membership at your Module 7. All that is necessary is for you to complete the application form, pay the membership fee for the remaining part of the year and returning it to the Mod 7 Assessor. They will send it to us and we will do the rest.

Still Studying?

To be an Associate Member, our non-practising category, you need to have completed Modules 1 – 7 successfully. This category is for students still working towards their final qualification – for example, you have completed Modules 1 – 7, but still need to complete your Anatomy and Physiology and First Aid. We will automatically upgrade your membership to Associate, as soon as we know you have successfully passed Module 7, and we will send you the necessary paperwork to complete.

I've finished!


Have you already received your Bowtech Diploma? if not, when you have completed your Anatomy and Physiology qualification certificate send a copy of your A & P to Ellen Cobb who will issue you with a Diploma. ( .

Send a copy to your Insurance Company for Full Insurance cover and at the same time apply for an upgrade of your membership of the Bowen Association from Student or Associate to Full.

Just to recap,

To be a Full Member, our practising category, you need to

Give us a call if you are unsure about anything – 01205 319100 – we're here to help.

Click below for Powerpoint presentation

Students Presentation (PowerPoint file)

Web Sites - When you apply for full membership you will receive your login information for the members area on our Bowen Association UK site, there may be a delay on this as the information is submitted to the webmaster weekly. You will also receive notification that your information has been added to the Bowtech site as well as the Bowen Association website.

Give us a call if you are unsure about anything – 01205 319100 – we're here to help.

Contacts - If your query relates to your training course, you should contact your tutor. If, however, you would like to talk to someone about the Association, Membership issues, simply being a practitioner, then we're here to help. Contact the Bowen Association Office HQ in the first instance by emailing us your phone number ( and we'll call you. Or you can ring us ion 01205 319100 anytime – there's an answer phone if the office is closed – we will always call you back.

Forms (PDF):

Mod 2 Student Welcome (PDF file)

Mod 2 Student Membership Form (PDF file)

Advertising Yourself (PDF file)

Case Study Permission (PDF file)

Student Insurance Form (PDF file)


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Tel: 01327 354249

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Daventry, Northants.
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