In the Beginning there was Bowen…

Gareth discovered the world of holistic medicine, like many of us, through necessity, with achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis among his favourite complaints. He had a knack of finding physical strains and injuries that take a long time to heal, and being a stereotypical ‘burn the candle at both ends’ musician, self-care was not on the top of his list.
Among his many pastimes he was an endurance mountain runner & distance swimmer and needed support to counter balance the many mountain & lake miles he accrued. Bowen therapy was recommended by a family friend and after experiencing the speedy efficacy of the treatment he was a convert; appealing to both his physical self and his cultural heritage (he’s from Yorkshire, they don’t like spending).
His therapist, Nicola Hok soon became his teacher and his journey into the holistic paradigm had begun. Qualifying in 2012, Gareth had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to deepen his understanding of this fabulous and seemingly counter-intuitive body work, training with leaders and visionaries in the field such as John Wilks and Alasdair McLaughlin and his experience in mountain running led him to be invited to be field-physio for various high profile international mountain running events.

The Flower Essences followed…
As his clinic progressed, Gareth learned of the power of the mind and its role in the success of a treatment. His search for complementary modalities and philosophies brought him to the world of Flower Essences. Many of you will already know of Rescue Remedy, some of you will know of the whole Bach Flower Essence range but many don’t realise there is a whole world of essences out there, each unique and potent in its own perfect way (like people).
The role essences play in life and recovery from trauma is best described thus; a gentle guiding hand easing you back to your centre point. Imagine your life is like a hurricane and how we get thrust from pillar to post, completely caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. The essences don’t stop the hurricane of life but they do return you to the eye of the storm so that you can move forward with clarity, grace and flow with peace of mind, heart & soul.

Integrating Music & Sound to the wellbeing vision…
For several years Gareth has been based at Atlantis Spiritual Centre, Crews Hill. Learning Tarot with Lynn Saunders and developing his own Crystal Tarot, exploring Shamanic work with Lez Fuller and eventually, (things coming full circle as they do) he managed to bring music (his first love) into his therapeutic practice. As the ‘resident artist’ at Atlantis one would often find him bimbling around playing his harp, often accompanying Lynn’s meditation classes or guesting as part of Lez Fuller’s Shamanic circles.
It was at Atlantis Gareth met his life partner, Laura (International opera singer and holistic therapist). Together they created Mr & Mrs Brilliant, a partnership that brings together world class musicianship and deep spiritual practice. Their SoundWave events became synonymous with profound transformational experience. Invitations came from up and down the land from super star celebrity to Gareth’s mother’s front room. Their work is ongoing, so if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a Brilliant SoundWave; go, just go.

The Holistic Healers Foundation Training…
Covid 19 and the global pause created a new opportunity for us all to deepen our practice and connect with those we love and things we do in new and refreshing ways. Gareth was invited to attend a pioneering new course;

The Holistic Healer Foundation Training
Described as an ‘unlearning’ of the western paradigm of health. It’s premise is that even in the world of holistic practice both client and practitioner can slip into the allopathic (western medicine) way of thinking. That is that symptoms are to be relieved, viruses to be vaccinated against and bacteria to be anti-biotic-ed. Yet for all its wizardry allopathy rarely offers wellness and what it gives with one hand it takes away with the other. We’ve all heard the story about the patient taking one pill for the complaint, another to counter the side effect of the drug, another to balance the body from the last medication and so on. It is quite strange but we seem to be living longer and sicker each year.
We live in a health paradigm that is invested in disease at its very core. If you are well, its relevance diminishes, thriving only when you are sick.
The Holistic Healer Foundation Training presents a real and pertinent question, “Is there another way?”
Gareth believes there is.

This moment now.
Bringing it all together … The modalities that Gareth works with do not project a healing ideology onto you or your body but instead spark the body’s own healing responses, helping you reclaim your own deep knowing and with it your body sovereignty and profound sense of wellbeing.
Consciousness is not some hierarchical system of attainment, it’s more an ever expanding energy that brings things we couldn’t see and can’t bear to see into our embrace. Moving us from disease, to unease and ultimately back to ease of flow.

All that is left is profound gratitude to the heart stopping beauty that is the world we live in today.

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