Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment
Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment
Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment
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Bowen Technique, Bowen Therapy, Bowen Therapists, Bowen Treatment

Little People UK Conference 2014

The Bowen Association was recently invited to attend the Little People UK Conference. Delegates were all the families who had been affected by dwarfism or various medical conditions which resulted in small individuals. For both children and adults it was a very happy day lots of interesting speakers, children’s activities, and comedian Tim Vine. A day with plenty of chatter, laughter and appreciation for the fund-raising carried out during the year to support those families in need.

The actor and presenter Warwick Davies is a patron of the organisation, and he took an interest in the Bowen Association stand. Delegates viewed a short video presentation on the Bowen Technique and searched for practitioners in their areas on the website, which was open on the laptop throughout the day. People came from all over the globe - Scotland to Sussex, Australia to Ireland – to raise awareness and funds to help these families and individuals.

Angela Cannon



Back Pain Show

Wow .... what a show...

A huge thank you to everyone who took part on the very busy Bowen Association UK trade stand at the Back pain show at Olympia last month, which ran alongside our AGM. I think you will agree that the photos show a really superb response from the public to both our stand, the excellent presentation given by our Editor Dave Riches and demonstrations given by our practitioners.

Back Pain ShowWe were aware that the location of the show meant that possibly only people from London may attend, so by asking people who visited our stand where they were from, in a very short time this sample showed that people travelled to the show, yes from all areas in London, Surrey and the south of England, but also as far afield as Birmingham and Manchester … and even a visitor from Geelong in Australia!


Bowen Technique therapists helping Crisis at Christmas make Christmas happen

Join with your colleagues in the therapy business and help someone feel better this Christmas

Crisis at Christmas provide a range of massage and complementary therapies for their guests across all centres at Christmas, ensuring they receive a full and holistic approach to their health.

The Bowen Association UK has invited its Full Members to help run this popular service which includes The Bowen Technique as well as a range of traditional massage and other therapies.

Bowen Association Member Adam Buttery writes "I've done this work for the last 4 years and it is amazing what a difference it makes to people's lives.

My first year I was in shock at the state of people's bodies from the lives they lead. Sleeping on the street or in doorways or on friends' floors, often doing hard or menial labour when they do get work, being physically abused by bosses or hooligans... these things take a serious toll on people physically which we cannot understand until we see it for ourselves. I reckoned at the time that my worst-case daily clients (I specialise in treating pain cases) were a 4 or 5 out of 10 for possible physical stress at the maximum…. The homeless people I treated were 8, 9 or even (a couple of cases) 10 out of 10.

Just one 30 minute Bowen or Massage session has these people incredulous at how much tension they have held and joyful at how comfortable their bodies finally feel. By halfway through my first shift, my second was fully booked on the recommendations of two clients!

It's the best Christmas present we can give to anyone... including ourselves!"

If you have relevant skills and experience, and would like to apply to join the team, then for further information visit or call 0300 636 1000

Bowen Association AGM/Seminar 2011

Our first visit to the beautiful University City of Cambridge definitely didn't disappoint. The 2011 AGM was held at the Lucy Cavendish College very close to the city centre. The venue provided us with a warm welcome and great facilities - including a beautiful garden and a superb lunch - another great day of education and friendship.

The delegates heard presentations from Dr. Cyril Nyman, Consultant Physician of Cardio-respiratory Medicine and Alastair Rattray on his research into the use of Bowen for asthma sufferers. Bowen Association member Dave Riches presented a paper on the work the Scottish therapists had carried out, showing the improved wellbeing from Bowen treatments. This is a fine example of the effectiveness of this brilliant therapy and the value of research.

See the Research section on the Home page for the research findings.

Bowen Conference


Once again Australia played host to the International Bowen Conference organised by Bowtech - the original Bowen Technique providers, and only world-wide Bowen organisation. Following on from the 2008 conference held in Winchester- UK, it was another inspirational event with speakers from both the world of Bowen and medicine. All this played out against the beautiful backdrop of the Manly coastal resort.

Bowen ConferenceOf course, Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, the founders of the Bowtech Academy, who were personally taught and commissioned by Tom Bowen to record and teach the Bowen Technique, were there to give presentations - a fitting climax to yet another world tour of three months teaching seminars in many countries.

Austria - Italy - Germany - France - UK - USA - Canada - New Zealand - Australia

Bowen Conference


Each year the association holds its AGM along with presentations and seminars.

In 2009 this event was held on the SS Great Britain in Bristol and we were lucky to have two prominent Australian tutors attend to give special presentations and courses, helping practitioners with their professional development.

The International Bowen Conference organised by John Wilks, a UK senior tutor, took place in October 2008. This was the first time a major Bowen conference had been held in the UK. Delegates came from all parts of the world to hear experts from many countries talk about a wide range of health issues.

The proceedings were opened by Ossie Rentsch the co-founder of the Bowen Technique Academy of Australia, the first Bowen Technique teaching organisation in the world. Now, under the Bowtech banner, the organisation has thousands of practitioners throughout the world. Ossie, who was originally instructed by Tom Bowen himself, told his audience that they should trust the technique to address the issues in the body and to avoid ever mixing the technique with other modalities. Bowen can do the healing work needed, on its own.

Speakers at the conference presented a wide range of subjects including how jaw dysfunction affects posture and how electrical currents in the body stimulate healing. All of this confirming much of what Tom Bowen discovered in his pioneering work some fifty to sixty years ago. The way Bowen treatments improve the general structure of the body, asthma, thyroid function and even the birthing process were all covered enthusiastically and held the audience captivated.

Janey Lee Grace - Radio 2 Co-host of the Steve Wright Show spoke about her experiences with the Bowen Technique and how it had dramatically improved her health and wellbeing. She has become a real advocate of Bowen, particularly for mothers and babies.

The very successful and fascinating conference was brought to a conclusion in the summing up by Elaine Rentsch, co-founder of Bowtech.

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